About Us

As two friends with a passion for all things nautical, we started this blog to share our love of boating and the sea. Our blog shares adventures on the water and everything maritime. As avid sailors and ocean lovers, we write about our voyages, boat repairs and maintenance, marine wildlife, tides and currents, and the ocean’s beauty. Come aboard and join us on the waves!

  • Malte Golinske is from Hamburg and has been connected to the sea, harbor and the ocean since childhood.
  • After studying Social Media Marketing in Hamburg, he is also experienced in SEO and Social Media Marketing due to different Types of Activities afterward.
  • With a deep respect for maritime traditions and a keen eye for fascinating topics and trends in the marine lifestyle, Malte brings a unique perspective to todaysea.

  • Fabian Ebner was born in Memmingen and has been fascinated by the sea and all related topics for years.
  • Fabian is also experienced in digital marketing and social media management due to various projects in the past and passionately managing the Social Media accounts of todaysea, among other responsibilities.
  • His deep passion for water-related subjects is evident in his commitment to sourcing fascinating content that highlights the rich world of maritime Topics.