Editorial Guide

Our Mission Statement

At todaysea, we aim to inspire and inform boat enthusiasts, sailors, and those passionate about maritime lifestyles. We strive to create a welcoming and engaging platform that fosters a sense of community among our readers. We seek to share the joy of boating and sailing with our audience through high-quality, informative, entertaining articles and photos.

Our Content Focus


  • How-to guides
  • Boat reviews and recommendations
  • Maintenance and care tips
  • Boat types and models


  • Boat maintenance tips
  • Sailing destinations
  • Sailing events and competitions
  • Techniques and tips

Maritime Lifestyle: 

  • Travel experiences related to the sea
  • Interviews with maritime enthusiasts
  • Nautical fashion and trends
  • Maritime culture and history

Our Editorial Standard

  • We will always prioritize accuracy and fact-check all information before publishing articles. 
  • We make sure every article is a product of individual attention and expertise. We emphasize in our Editorial Guidelines that each piece is carefully edited and reviewed by one of us. 
  • We will avoid plagiarism by crediting sources appropriately and producing original content.
  • We believe in being transparent about our content creation process. The Editorial Guidelines provide a clear and comprehensive overview of how we conceive, develop, and present our articles.

By adhering to these editorial principles, we aim to provide a valuable and trustworthy resource for boat enthusiasts, sailors, and all those passionate about maritime lifestyles – For YOU!

Our Community Engagement

  • We always encourage you to comment on our articles; any feedback is welcome.
  • We will ensure that anyone involved in our blog communicates respectfully. Anyone is welcome at todaysea!
  • We want to build connections between people with shared passions and create a fantastic, passionate community.