Songs About Sailing – My Top 10 Ultimate Collection

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Take Off on a melodic voyage with my ultimate Songs About Sailing collection. These tunes are the perfect companion for anyone who dreams of the sea or seeks the solace of its vast expanse. My top 10 picks capture the essence of sailing, from the liberating feel of the wind in your sails to the rhythmic dance of the boat on the waves.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or crave the nautical life, these songs will transport you to the open waters, offering a soundtrack that mirrors the adventure and reflection at sea. Prepare to set sail with a playlist that speaks to the sailor in all of us.

As I chart the waters of my own life, these Songs About Sailing are my anchor and compass. Join me on this sonic journey.

Songs About Sailing – My Top 10 Ultimate Collection

Whenever I feel the call of the sea, I turn to my ultimate collection of songs about sailing. They captivate the essence of the ocean’s freedom and the adventure it promises. Here’s my carefully curated list of the top 10 sailing songs that stir the sailor in my soul, perfect for those who love the rhythmic sound of the waves and the wind in their sails.

1SailingRod Stewart
2Come Sail AwayStyx
3A Pirate Looks at FortyJimmy Buffett
4Southern CrossCrosby, Stills & Nash
5Orinoco FlowEnya
6Sailing AwayChris de Burgh
7The Downeaster ‘Alexa’Billy Joel
8Into the MysticVan Morrison
9Ocean AvenueYellowcard
10Beyond the SeaBobby Darin
My Top 10 – Songs About Sailing

Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” is more than a song; the anthem exudes the tranquility and peacefulness of being at sea. On the more spirited side, “Come Sail Away” by Styx energizes with its dream of setting off on an interstellar journey. I find a comforting nostalgia in Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks at Forty,” reflecting on a life intertwined with the sea.

“Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” carry me away to distant shores with their melodies, while “Sailing Away” by Chris de Burgh puts me at the helm of my voyage. Billy Joel’s haunting “The Downeaster ‘Alexa'” and Van Morrison’s mystical “Into the Mystic” echo the sailors’ timeless dance with the ocean.

The youthful energy of “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard gives a modern twist to the genre. I always conclude my playlist with the classic and romantic “Beyond the Sea,” sung by Bobby Darin, which leaves me dreaming of sailing into the horizon. Each song can transport me from my daily routine to a serene, windswept state of mind.

Cultural Impact of Sailing in Music

 Songs About Sailing
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It’s fascinating how Songs About Sailing have anchored themselves in music history. They don’t just depict journeys across the sea; they’re vessels for a wide array of human emotions, from wanderlust to heartache.

Classic Rock and Sailing

Classic rock bands have often charted their way into nautical themes, with timeless tracks that still resonate with fans today. I think about Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic”, a soulful tune that exemplifies how classic rock masters used sailing as a metaphor for life’s journey. Then there’s Styx’s “Come Sail Away”, an epic anthem inviting listeners to a voyage toward freedom and dreams. Both songs tap into that innate desire to explore and belong, mirroring the expansive nature of the ocean itself.

Modern Pop and Sailing Songs

In modern pop, sailing continues to capture the zeitgeist, with artists like Ben Rector and Jamie Cullum crooning about setting sail on new adventures. For example, David Gray’s song “Sail Away” beautifully uses the sailing metaphor to describe escaping from life’s troubles with a loved one. This tendency in pop reflects a longing for escapism and the pursuit of tranquility, themes that transcend time and continue to find their place in contemporary music.

Country and Folk Connections with the Sea

As for country and folk music, these genres often mirror the storytelling tradition of old sailors. The likes of Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney have contributed nautical hits that evoke the easy-going seaside lifestyle. At the same time, Bob Dylan and Neil Young have explored more profound, more introspective waters with their lyrical craft. Songs like Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks at Forty” resonate with the freedoms and reflections reminiscent of a seasoned sailor’s view. These genres meld the personal narrative with the timeless allure of sea voyages, reminding us of our complex relationship with the water.

Sailing-Themed Playlists and Songs

 Song About Sailing
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I’ve always been fascinated by the call of the ocean and the way music can encapsulate the feeling of setting sail. Whether it’s a classic sea shanty or a rock ballad that echoes the sound of the waves, songs about sailing enhance the adventure of the open water. Let’s dive into crafting the perfect sailing playlist and understand the timeless role of sea songs.

Creating a Sailing Playlist

When I put together my sailing playlist, I look for tracks that match the rhythm of the waves and the sense of freedom the sea imparts. Topping the list might be The Beach Boys’ nostalgic “Sloop John B,” which has been a go-to track for countless sailing adventures. Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks at Forty” and “Son of a Son of a Sailor” also find a spot on my playlist, perfectly capturing the sailor’s spirit.

Rock classics like Rod Stewart’s iconic “Sailing” reflect the yearning to sail away, while Little River Band’s “Cool Change” evokes the transformational power of the ocean. For a modern twist, The Movement’s “Sail On” is a must-add with its reggae beats.

For those afternoons spent “sittin’ on the dock of the bay,” Otis Redding’s tranquil tune is the companion I choose. And, of course, no playlist is complete without Enya’s ethereal “Orinoco Flow“, transporting you to sail across a mythical sea.

The Role of Shanties and Sea Songs in Sailing

Sea Songs and shanties hold a revered place in maritime tradition. They are more than just melodies; these songs historically synchronized labor on tall ships and lightened the sailors’ loads. “Drunken Sailor” and “Blow the Man Down” are classic shanties that never lose their charm and bring a sense of authenticity to any sailing trip.

Contemporary playlists often include these songs for the nostalgic value they offer, inviting those onboard to connect with the sailors of yesteryears. Grateful Dead’s “Ship of Fools” reminds me of the rich history embedded in these tunes and the community they create among seafarers.

The inclusion of shanties in my playlists isn’t simply for entertainment; it’s a nod to the traditions of the ocean and the timeless tales of the sea. Whether I’m riding the current on my sailboat or yearning for the horizon, these sailing songs’ powerful lyrics and catchy rhythms are my steadfast companions.

FAQ – Songs About Sailing

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As a sailing enthusiast, I’ve always found that songs about sailing resonate deeply with me. They capture the essence of the sea, the wind, and the journey. Let’s explore some common questions related to this mesmerizing genre.

What music do sailors listen to?

Sailors have a wide range of music to choose from. While at sea, many appreciate songs that reflect their love for sailing and the ocean. Classics like “Sailing” by Rod Stewart and “Come Sail Away” by Styx are staples.

These tracks are part of a more extensive collection of sailing songs, including tales of adventure and the highs and lows of maritime life. Websites like Hello Music Theory can provide fantastic tunes for a well-curated sailor playlist.

Why are these songs applicable to sailors?

Songs about sailing serve multiple purposes for sailors. Firstly, they can be immensely therapeutic, helping to calm the mind during the solitude of long stints at sea. They also provide a sense of connection to sailing culture and history, instilling a feeling of camaraderie among sailors who share these tunes.

Additionally, these songs can be inspirational for those new to sailing, igniting the same passion for the open waters in others.

What inspired Song of the Sea?

“Song of the Sea” is an animated film, but the inspiration behind such creative works often includes mythological and folkloric elements tied to the sea. Many songs about sailing are similarly inspired by old sailor’s tales, the mystery of the ocean, and the allure of exploring the unknown.

The sea represents a powerful muse that has moved musicians to capture its vastness and beauty through its lyrics and melodies.

Set sail in the comments! Share your sea stories and favorite sailing songs below.

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